About Portugal Long Lets

Portugal Long Lets is a national portal of medium and long-term rentals, built on collaboration with individual owners and regional property managers. Portugal Long Lets replicates, at a national level, the leading regional portal Algarve Long Lets, which is the largest portfolio of long-term rental and visa-compliant rentals in the Algarve, Portugal’s southern region.

Portugal Long Lets provides the following:

  • A dedicated national portal focused exclusively on medium and long term residential rentals (no real estate sales, commercial properties, short term or tourist rentals, etc.)
  • Increased and constant visibility for property owners, reducing voids and ensuring continuity of occupation
  • Stability of inventory, allowing forward planning for potential tenants and reducing unnecessary expense and stress
  • Greater reliability of response, because availability is checked by a real person, in real time, prior to any visits or administrative steps
  • Properties that will be compliant with the contract length and types required for visa applications

Portugal Long Lets is owned and managed by Portugal Senior Living, a brand of Senior Living Villages, a company headquartered in London and covering the UK, Portugal and Spain. The business covers a broad range of areas of expertise, including country comparisons, Discovery Tours, long-term rentals, real estate sales, visa-related topics such as the D7 and D8 (and until the end of the program, GV (Golden Visa)), as well as access to a range of specialist expert partners in areas such as legal, accounting, banking, insurance, mortgage brokers, car importation, etc. The company has assisted hundreds of clients from more than 30 countries in moving to, or investing in, Portugal. It has a proven track record of delivering clients/tenants to property owners all over Portugal.

The business currently provides accommodation for and caters to the following audiences:

  • Retirees or seniors looking for winter-stays, long or full-year lets or who wish to get to know the region before deciding where to settle, whether to continue renting or to buy
  • Applicants for income-based D7 visas, who require accommodation and contracts compliant with their residency visa application
  • Applicants for Portugal’s low-tax NHR status who can obtain the status using a suitable long-term let contract of at least 183 days per annum
  • Applicants for D8 digital nomad visas, who require accommodation and contracts compliant with their residency visa application
  • Property owners who are building and undertaking major refurbishment on their homes and require long-term rental accommodation while overseeing the work
  • Expatriates moving to the region with a young family, looking for accommodation options in close proximity to one of the international schools

Move to Portugal 101 is a good starting point for those looking to move.

If a suitable option is not available on Portugal Long Lets, we have a collaboration with Property Finder Portugal to help clients find a property. Algarve Long Lets and Property Finder Portugal already work together to support rent before buy clients across the life cycle of their search for accommodation in the Algarve. The same collaboration will exist at a national level.

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